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Trade Gothic Next Basic Family Pack

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Font Format OpenType Pro
Designer Kobayashi, Akira
Original Designer Burke, Jackson 1948
Year 2009
Digitized by digitized by Linotype
Library Platinum Collection
Foundry Linotype
Font Format OpenType Pro
Number of Fonts 16
Copyright Trade Gothic is a trademark of Monotype GmbH registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and may be registered in certain other jurisdictions.
Category Headline,Magazine,Paragraph,Poster,Sans Serif
Medium download
Contained Fonts TradeGothicNextLTPro-Bd.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-BdCm.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-BdCn.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-BdCnIt.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-BdIt.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-Cm.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-Cn.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-CnIt.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-Hv.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-HvCm.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-HvCn.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-HvCnIt.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-HvIt.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-It.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-Lt.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-LtIt.otf, TradeGothicNextLTPro-Rg.otf